Saturday, September 3, 2011

Coffee With the Enemy

soldier drinking coffee
We all have people in our lives who rub us the wrong way. Some have even gone as far as to plunge a long, sharp knife deep into our back. So what do you do when God says “be a blessing to your enemy”? You have a choice to obey – or not – just like with anything else. But when God is asking you to step out and be vulnerable, He is not doing it to harm you. There is a greater purpose involved. We may never know what it is, but then that’s why HE is God and we are not. Fortunately, God created coffee on the third day and called it good. I completely agree. As for sharing with my enemy…well, I’m not real crazy about that but I’m doing it anyway.

I’m actually sitting in a local coffee shop right now. Waiting to meet with someone I honestly wish just did not exist. I’m going to buy this person coffee or tea or whatever. And I’m going to use a gift card that I won just yesterday. Because God said to do it. The worst part is that God also said “just listen.” I don’t want to “just listen!” I have an earful to give this person, if only I could. I imagine I will be nearly biting my tongue off by the end of it, but I’m going to do what God said to do. And I’m going to trust that He knows best. He knows what the purpose of this is. And He knows what the outcome will be. He even knows whether or not I will actually keep my mouth shut, something else I do not have knowledge of. My heart is <mostly> willing, but my flesh is about as weak as they come.

My guest is four minutes late. I came half an hour early, to kind of get my bearings and quiet my spirit as much as possible. Every time the door opens I cringe inside.  I don’t want to do this. But now my guest has arrived…

Well, that was just weird. And awkward. And I don’t really know what to make of it. A lot of uncomfortable silence. A lot of talk about this that and the other thing. I made small talk. I agreed with some things that were said. But for the most part, I kept my tongue in check. Not like I was planning on going on some kind of rant and rave…although I could have reached down deep inside and pulled that knife out…and used it.  

But…God said “just listen.” There was even an offer for me to get whatever I had to say off my heart, but I said “No, God said listen and that’s what I’m doing.”

I can’t tell you what a miracle that was. That I was obedient. That I was immediately obedient. And that I kept my tongue under control…well, that is definitely an amazing feat of biblical proportions, believe me!

What will come of it? I don’t know. I didn’t notify my guest that I planned on buying and they bought a drink before sitting down. So, I explained about the gift card and slid it over. I blessed my enemy today. Only good can come of that, right? I’m trying not to think about the times before when treachery followed blessing. I’m trying to trust that God will use this situation for the good of all involved.

I am afraid the other party thinks we will do more of this in the future. It’s not something I’m necessarily wanting to do. But if God says “Do It” then I will. I don’t have the privilege of seeing the Big Picture, so I don’t know how this odd-shaped piece fits into the puzzle. Guess that’s why He’s God and I am…simply not.


  1. I knew you could do it!!! so proud of you for being obedient!!! way to go, monkey!!!

  2. Thanks, Monkey! Couldn't have done it without all the prayers and God's grace, trust me!

  3. Some times one must remain silent and allow the other person to expose their own deceptions in full before passing hasty judgement and not getting the entire story.
    Anger can be quick to rise and hard and slow to put down. For some it becomes a burden they carry for years and years.

    Some people can't hear the Lord over the sounds of their own calling out him.

    That being said I would draw your attention to another blog, and ask that you hold judgement until all of the facts find their way into the light.

    (Provided to me by a friend in Phili)

    “In response to many requests for production, Plaintiffs provided only a “sampling” of responsive documents. Plaintiffs do not contend that the requests are irrelevant; Plaintiffs argue that the requests are overly burdensome and will result in the production of voluminous documents. However, Plaintiffs’ self-fashioned remedy of “cherry-picking” documents is troubling, and not appropriate. Therefore, this Court will grant this portion of Defendant’s motion, as providing a sampling of responsive documents is inadequate in this case.”

    Mimi cherry picks the facts that she presents on her blog and look great, not so good in a court of law where the Judge has editorial control.
    "self-fashioned remedy of “cherry-picking”"

    But, I suppose that will have to wait until Mimi can find some more Lawyers with less of a gag reflex...


    “The professional relationship between Movant and LBG has become unreasonably difficult, and the conflict as recently manifested is irreconcilable. To the extent that the Court requires additional details concerning these grounds for withdrawal, Movant will provide them, in a confidential manner, in Chambers.
    16. The Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct also permit a lawyer to withdraw from a representation when “other good cause for withdrawal exists.” Pa. R. P. C. 1.16
    17. Other good cause exists which fully supports Movant’s withdrawal. To the extent the Court requires additional details concerning these grounds for withdrawal, Movant will provide them, confidentially, in Chambers.”

  4. Dawn,
    I will tell you more about Bill Fikes in a private email but he is the brother of Helen Hegener, publisher of Home Education Magazine who has been lying about me for years. He is now cyberstalking me, imho. Bill Fikes, Jr. has sent me over 65 emails in the past month and he even asked where my children's pictures were on the internet. When he tried to "friend" my children one by one on FB and told me I needed to learn about "weapons" and that he would teach me, I reported his behavior to the authorities.

    The court documents that Bill quotes were written by Helen's lawyer who is almost as masterful as Helen is at twisting the truth. We provided over 3100 documents which covered every area of the ministry. They currently want us to produce every confidential information about our students and parents which we are questioning the need for and the reasons they want them.

    The defendants in the case are very upset right now, imho, because they cannot find any scam victims!

    The way they get cleared of the charges we brought against them in the Learning By Grace v. Helen Hegener, Home Education Magazine and Heather Idoni the lawsuit, unless we drop it, is if they can prove that we are frauds.

    Ofcourse, we are not and they can not find ANY people who believe they were defrauded. NOT ONE! All they have is those RIP OFF REPORTS and it turns out, that 5 of the 9 complaints were "filed" within weeks of Hegener receiving the lawsuit. What are the chances?

    In court, the 12 people on the jury will see clearly that in order for an organization to be scamming people, there have to be scam victims. Not a handful of disatisfied customers in 10 years across 50 states and 20 countries. They have produced not ONE SINGLE PERSON who was scammed!

    We have no doubt that when this gets to a jury, we will be awarded appropriate damages. We may end up owning a magazine in which case I will be looking for good writers like you to write for us.

    Thanks for bringing this post to my attention. Bil Fikes seems to be as intent on persecuting us as his sister. But we all know Who REIGNS.

    Mimi Rothschild
    CEO and Co-Founder, Learning By Grace, Inc.


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