Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SOAP Devotion: Daniel 1

Recently, I heard a teaching on resolving your Yes’s and your No’s…saying yes to the things that encourage growth in your walk with the Lord and saying no to the things that hinder it. Daniel an excellent example of doing just that. It all starts with a choice…

Today’s Reading is Daniel 1

Scripture: But Dani'el resolved that he would not defile himself with the king's food or the wine he drank, so he asked the chief officer to be excused from defiling himself. Daniel 1:8

ObservationWe live in a world that has set itself against God. It is up to us to choose to follow His ways or the world’s. We must purpose, or resolve, in our hearts to obey the ways of the Lord. And when we do, He blesses us and leads us through whatever comes our way.

ApplicationThis message was good to hear. It’s making me think about what I purpose in my heart to do or not do. We were to make a Yes List (things that encourage growth and intimacy with the Lord) and a No List (things that hinder growth and intimacy) and honestly, I’m having a hard time coming up with a No List. Not that I’m so perfect  I never do anything wrong…quite the contrary! But I’m not out there every day lying, stealing, cheating on my husband or killing people, so I have to really look at what I’m doing or not doing that hinders my walk with the Lord. It’s just not that obvious to me. Maybe it is to someone else…they have that unique advantage of being able to see what I don’t! But, there are “little foxes” that nibble on the vine and destroy it over time. It’s those little, subtle things that draw me away from God or get between Him and I that I need to diligently seek out and remove from my life.

The Yes List is so much easier…more prayer, more time in the word, more self-control, more grace for myself when I fail. I know that as I seek His heart, He will show me what needs to be on the No List…and then I have to make that choice. I have to be like Daniel and purpose in my heart to avoid those things no matter what others around me may think or say. God’s opinion of me is the one that matters first and the most. Daniel was blessed, promoted and prospered because he decided from the beginning that he would not do anything that would compromise his beliefs or go against God's ways.

PrayerFather, show me what needs to be on that No List! What am I doing or not doing that gets in the way? What thought patterns and attitudes are hindering my ability to hear from you? What little foxes have gotten into my heart?  Help me to always be able to resolve in my heart to follow you no matter what happens or what others think. Help me always to put You and Your ways first

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