Friday, August 27, 2010

How to Extinguish a Pepper Fire

My friend Heather asked me to do another guest post for her blog. I realized I was suffering from a pretty significant case of "writer's block" as I tried to come up with ideas for something to blog about. It's been weeks...most of the summer, actually, since I've had any inspiration to write anything...or do anything, for that matter (oh thank you, Mitch Daniels and your Dumb Stupid Time...). I thought about writing something deep and meaningful, something poignant, something spiritually profound. Looked for examples in my every day life (life with a toddler is just fraught with potential blog posts, really...), but nothing really inspired me. Nothing, that is, until I decided to can some banana peppers without wearing the PPO...proper protective equipment.

Come on over to A Titus 2 Woman and learn how to find relief from hot pepper burns the easy way (I've done the hard part for you, isn't that nice of me?)!

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