Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal, Week of June 1, 2010

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In my kitchen...
there unfortunately sits dishes from last night's supper. My dd's turn to do supper dishes was last night but she got a very painful sunburn while camping with her grandparents this weekend and can't hardly move. There is also a quart jar of water kefir that is ready to strain and an experimental cup of coconut water kefir that will be ready soon. I will be taking a pantry inventory, baking bread, and sweeping and mopping...after getting those dishes done!

My marriage...is great...not perfect, but I love my husband and love our life together. We had our Budget Committee Meeting (a la Dave Ramsey) last night and have a finished budget for the month. And we were able to discuss some touchy money issues calmly and rationally, like two people who love each other!

With my children...we are on hiatus from homeschooling for a couple of weeks and then back to school. Waiting on testing results from dd's standardized testing taken the first week of May. Two year old...well, just trying to get through the day with him still alive, basically. He is sooooo busy I want to tear my hair out! But then he does something that melts my heart, like caress my cheek and say "Mommy precious" and I forget all about the spilled oatmeal, marker on his face, refrigerator door standing open...

I feel so relieved when...the day's work is done and I can relax.

My spiritual life is flourishing...in general. I have days where I am just not 'spiritual' in any sense of the imagination. Days where I yell too much, spend too much time online, forget things...important things like spending time with Jesus and prayer. I am reading a book called Becoming a Woman Who Loves...it's for a blogger review program, but I chose that book because I really need to become more loving. I am always looking for ways to improve my spiritual life, but it always comes back to spending quality time with the Lord and putting Him first.

If I am honest, the thing that keeps me from praying as much as I should is ….. distractions, lack of routine, lack of self-discipline.

I see God moving in my husband and our life together and ……some exciting prospects may be on the horizon. We are praying and doing our best to discern God's will and timing for what we believe He is asking us to do.

This is in the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind, but should be moved into the light …. gulp...do I really want to put this out there?? Let's just say that I need to learn to love someone without condition...without strings...and without condemning them for something they had no control over.

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  1. I love the section about your 2 year old. I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old and they drive me to the point of wanting to pull my hair out until they do something so sweet. My 10 month old is giving away free open mouth kisses to me only now (makes my hubby a little jealous...lol) and my sweet Lil' Monkey (the 3 year old) was lying in bed with me the other night and cupped my chin with her little hand and said, "You're my best friend Momma." My heart stopped beating for a moment.

  2. What a lovely entry! You can visit me here:


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