Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogging Etiquette

This is a great post about blogging do's and don't's...cleverly portrayed in that classic tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears...only this one is Goldilocks and the Three Bloggers over at Life with a Little One...and More

Goldilocks and the Three Bloggers

...Once upon a time, a lovely young girl named Goldilocks was playing happily on the Internet while her little baby slept peacefully nearby. (Yes, she had a baby. She had struggled to put the baby to bed last night but now the wee babe was sleeping peacefully. This is a literary device called foreshadowing. The sleeping babe will come into play soon.) She was frolicking around on the nice safe haven that is Facebook -- completing quizzes, sending Easter Peeps to her peeps and struggling to understand what to put in the new empty box. After all, the prompt "Goldilocks Is..." had recently disappeared -- leaving her unsure of what to write. (Goldilocks wasn't a very bright or creative girl; she needed that prompt.)...(read more)


  1. You are so sweet to link to this. I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it useful! Have fun blogging ... and I'll stop by unannounced to make sure you don't break any of my rules. HAHA! TOTALLY KIDDING! : )

  2. @Jenners...Oh no, I better be on my best behavior! LOL...but really, feel free to drop by any time! Thanks for stopping by!


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