Monday, April 15, 2013

GIVEAWAYS!! Who Wants Some Free Stuff?

Who wants to win some free stuff? Well, I've got two great giveaways to tell you about...

My friend the Homesteading Hippy is giving away an awesome prize package! Check out her post on...
and enter to win some way cool EcoJarz lids and stainless steel straws to help you use less disposable crap. It's a good thing, I tell you! She's got several ways to earn extra entries, and the giveaway ends in just 5 days, as of this posting [Monday, April 15]. Let's quit TAXING the environment and start being a BYOC kind of society (;  What's BYOC? Head on over to  her blog and read all about it!

And, the second giveaway is one I'm doing myself on my Purposeful Nourishment blog. I got so excited about CC Dolch All Purpose Gluten Free Flour that I wrote the company and told them how much I loved it and that I recommended it on my blog. Well, they linked to my blog on their website and sent me some flour and a very nice reply to my email. They're a great, family-oriented kind of company that takes great care of their customers! I am convinced I've found my "forever flour" and will be a loyal customer for sure. So, since they were so kind to send me some GF love, I'm going to share it with some lucky reader! Check out my post at 

GIVEAWAY!! Win a Bag of C.C. Dolch Gluten Free Flour!  Giveaway ends on April 30, 2013!!

Now, go get yourself entered to win some terrific prizes! 

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